This coming weekend sees NagNagNag return once more to Sedition (formerly East Bloc), it’s new home in East London. The ever-excellent Hannah Holland will be sharing deck duties with Jonny Slut and Fil Ok this time around, with brand new electro sounds rubbing shoulderpads with the classics and forgotten gems.
We spoke to Jonny about NagNagNag’s triumphant return…

1. How did the rebirth of NagNagNag come about?

The lovely Kris Chapman got in touch with me out of the blue to ask if I’d be interested in playing at an electro night – ‘Electrogasm’, that he was putting together at East Bloc in the autumn of last year, which Spatial Awareness and John Taylor (Punx Soundcheck) were also involved with. I hadn’t DJed in London for ages so didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a great night and people really seemed to be into the electro stuff that we were playing. Seeing as there seemed to be an appreciative, receptive audience, it got me toying with the idea of doing a NagNagNag night, so I contacted Kris who was totally up for it.

2. What are your thoughts on the stealthy resurgence of electro?

To be honest I wasn’t particularly aware that there was one! I live in Dorset now and am not in the London loop, but I’ve always liked electro stuff, so it’s the stuff that I personally source and enjoy.

3. What differences are you seeing with Nag this time around? What do you think the biggest changes have been in Nag’s absence?

I’m genuinely touched that there is still interest in NagNagNag; I mean, we started it 16 years ago. I was chatting to a bunch of younger punters at the last one and they seemed a bit confused by the music – “is this like 70’s?”!… but were into it. I was confused as to why they were confused! I guess it’s because the club scene has been quite homogenised again for a while?
I like the fact that we can still confuse people actually, NagNagNag was never meant to be easy listening!

4. What’s your favourite record at the moment that you’re definitely going to play next weekend?

I’ve got a few favourites, definitely something from The Red Axes, and I’ve been going through a bit of a cold wave period so definitely a bit of that. Carmine by Joseph Ashworth is my current hot tune.

This month also sees the continuing return of another electro icon, the artist Replicant – with whom Jonny Slut has joined forces for new single “Suck Suck”. Featuring remixes by Punx Soundcheck and Starcluster, “Suck Suck” will be out Friday March 23rd on the Icon Series label.

NagNagNag is this Saturday night at Sedition, 217 City Road, London. Tickets are available here:  

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