Since becoming a resident for Sankeys at the age of 19, the trajectory of Jozef K’s career has seen him become one of the most respected Djs and producers to emerge in the UK in recent years. Back To Culture caught up with him to see what’s happening right now in the world of Jozef K…

2018 seems to have got off to a flying start, with tracks already signed to an impressive array of highly respected labels – Viva Warriors, I Love Acid, W&O Street Tracks, Music For Freaks, and Tensnake’s own True Romance imprint. Jozef attributes this to a newly refreshed work ethic, having made a few changes.

“[I’m] Currently half way through a re-invention process… because of this I am now incredibly busy in the studio, averaging ten plus hour days midweek.”

Becoming a resident for Sankeys propelled Jozef into the limelight primarily as a DJ, with bookings for gigs all over the world. As often happens, production of his own tracks soon followed, often working with Winter Son.
In recent times, however, Jozef has transitioned his focus; more mindful of the need to explore his creative side in the studio.

“I have re-invented myself as a full-time producer instead of club resident who makes some tracks on the side. Laying all of my emotions out into Ableton is something I find mentally cleansing.”

This does not mean that Jozef is showing any signs of slowing down on the DJ side, though (in fact, his increased concentration on making music will serve to expand his horizons as a DJ, if anything). Indeed, Jozef completed a highly successful tour of China over Christmas and New Year:

“Best thing I have ever done. Seven shows in six cities, and I managed to undergo some serious exploration during my days off. This was my first ever international tour, crazy that happened to be in China. Germany, France, sure… but China. Oh well.”

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