Berlin’s Berghain and Panorama Bar shows it’s strength in talented and diverse lineups.

The politics of gender are the subject of more vital interest than ever before, both of course in the wider world of rampant Trumpism, and in the enclave of electronic music.

Although there have been successful, talented women in dance music as long as there’s been clubs (even going back to Regine Zylberberg of Chez Regine in Paris in 1960), the sidelining of women has always been particularly visible in the discipline of DJing – the nadir of this being the novelty topless “DJs” and their ilk, who merely serve to damage the credibility of genuine female DJs and cheapen DJing as an art form. However, more and more women and transgender DJs are achieving equality in the arena of dance music, and for the right reasons – which has everything to do with them being damned good at what they do, and nothing whatsoever to do with nipple tassles.

This past weekend’s festivities at Berlin’s Panorama Bar provides evidence of what is hopefully, finally, a changing tide. With a truly electrifying lineup that comprised some of the most gifted and exciting DJs in the world right now; four women who are truly smashing open the gates. Maya Jane Coles has recently completed a world tour warming up for electronic behemoths Depeche Mode, in addition to the release of her most recent album “Take Flight”. Heidi runs the Jackathon label and recently finished her lengthy tenure on Radio 1. Honey Dijon’s new album “Best Of Both Worlds” was nominated for a GLAAD award for Outstanding Artist. Alinka is co-owner of the highly respected Twirl! Imprint and has had music released on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Classic, Defected, and more besides.

“Pbar was the most packed I think I can ever remember it and after spending a whole day in the club watching Heidi, Honey Dijon, Alinka, and of course Maya Jane Coles; it made me remember why it is the best club in the world from venue to the freedoms afforded there.” – Steven Braines, The Weird And The Wonderful

Steven Braines of The Weird And The Wonderful, the management company that looks after Maya Jane Coles, told Back To Culture. “It also reminded me to tell anyone who says women can’t DJ to shut the fuck up. Gender/sex has zero to do with someone’s ability to play records.”

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